For the blind

So let me ask you a question ?
what do you see when you look at me ?
Do you see a visionary
or just a woman who visions
your mind
Clouding mine
or do you envision
The thoughts of your hands
sliding in Btwn my thighs
or do you envision
walking side by side or completing ones sentences and seeing eye to eye . Or do you envision my lips
in Btwn your thighs
wondering how I ride
or if I could show you
a good time .
Doesn’t even matter
the time or place
yours or mine .
A park or bench
imagine the things
that run through my mind .
That doesn’t mean your gonna see that part of me so quickly
if you were to
envision my vision
you would see
there’s levels to this
so don’t act clueless
waiting for a clue
Like your playing a game
Like I Need to be tamed
. take the time
and envision my vision
you might see exactly
what your missing
A woman that has a vision
and it’s not focused or your goals. her vision is to get through life
with mean precision
and reach submission
while maintaining conditioned . Conditioned for war
but ready for love .
My vision is to never give up .
Only if you can
envision my vision
without clouding yours
from your past experience .
So what’s your vision
is it 20 /20 or are you blind
to a real woman
that has has a vision
Which doesn’t consist
of living off your vision .
she moves like a boss
and leads like horse
prepared to open
the minds of those
that are lost .
See I have vision
but your too busy
envisioning your vision .
Clearly we are not same page
so I’ll fall back
and you can envision
your vision with a woman
that has no vision . Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Hat low …

I’ve been asked 

why I wear 

my hat so low
That’s the to show
That I’m not trying 

to put on show
I’m humbly here 

 facing my fears
After all these years
It’s my time shine
but I don’t need to be seen
I rather be heard 

and respected
for words
so I get attention
I want my words
to leave you 

with a level of reflection
I want you dig deep
see if you sink to my level 

of  my thoughts

Without feeling like your lost
Or confused
trust me my words
might do that to you
men ,You might question your ways
Or how you treat your girl
And ladies, I might make you think
like why I am I still with this creep
or he deserves more then these words that come out my mouth
Or parents I may have you stuck
trying figure out where you messed up
and how to fix your relationship
so you and kids aren’t so distant .
See the words I speak
may make you feel like your giving in
and defeat is at your feet .
But I’m here to say
I’ve been through it all
and what pulled me
through is having faith in God
and continuing to stand tall
no matter 

How many times I may fall .

Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Concrete rose

Welcome to my garden
Don’t beg my pardon because you’re starving
You see this rose will be all up in
Your nose and you will be craving for the secret in my garden . But that don’t get revealed easy
So breathe easy
Get to know Me
How I think
How I see
Don’t you see me I think deep
Blue roses unattainable , purple roses loyal , pink roses love , red roses passion , my garden is filled with plenty satisfaction
But I won’t let you water my garden if your ways are tainted because my garden today is as beautiful as God created . Untouched , unmarked and not jaded by the hands or the spirits of beneath where I rose from . the shit I ate fed my stem a I blossomed to a rose that’s all in your nose smelling so good comanding your attention as I continue bloom but give space I need room
To see if the things you say will make me wilt or wither away or will It add a rose to my secret garden …. trust… then I’ll feed you when you’re starving . Because you water my garden with sound of your voice and fed my garden with your words of wisdom and your thoughts so deep .
You encouraged me
To keep fighting for what I believed in
You taught me things I couldn’t see
Now I can see I’m a concrete rose . Beauty you can’t take away
More to meet the eye
You don’t even have to water me
For me to survive . Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Family loves unconditionally !!!

The sun is shinning
I don’t hear the noise from
People dying
Rage turns to song
It’s been so long since
I was able to sing
this happy
Time passes , tears fade
I’m no longer worried about
What’s in our way
Faith stronger
Life is brighter
I can feel it today
It’s not only my pain
that is gradually
fading away
Conversations lighter ,
not forced
Stronger words ,
no more doubts
Or questioning
ones faults
No one is perfect
This we know …
Us against world
beating the odds
Learning more about
Each other
Learning not
to shout
Saying sorry
when wrong
Never boasting
When right
Loving on another
Helping each other out
Family is what we are
Family is what we always been
So think about joy
And think about love
and don’t forget to thank
that man from above ….
For continuing
to show us the way .
And showing us
Today is a new day !!!! Original By
Rachel Shundari Ullah

A personal relationship with God is all you need

They say there’s no condemnation in God .
So how does this work ?
Should I hold in my feelings
And not release my hurt
Or should I continue to hide
My pain by tainting my soul
Because the words you are
Saying won’t let me let go
This makes no sense
I hear the scripture you say
But by example I hear a whole bunch of fear hiding your truth
Scared to talk to lost souls.
Why won’t your words set people
Why is it so difficult to say once
Upon time this was me
Or I still struggle today
We’re no different
We’re the same
You paint a picture of a perfect
One without hurt or disgrace
So when I sin it’s hurts so
Much more within
So I hide my face and try
To ease my pain while I’m fading
I’m sorry I can’t live up to your expectation of your perfect slave
Filled with guilt as we pray
Your orders are filled every single day
You fill your home with food I could eat
While you wear the best and
I sit around waiting for pain
In my chest to end
This doesn’t make any sense
So I close my eyes and open my heart and praise harder than before .
Your words I longer hear cause the Devils lurking at my door
I guess it time to believe in the truth and open the bible for so many are living proof
Just remember you scared me away
But that doesn’t mean I don’t pray or want change
So now it’s my time to tell my truth I don’t need your space to witness Gods grace Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

If you don’t judge you , don’t judge me

This is for the world that judges . I’m Tired of lies being told and condemnation being fed while hypocrisies are built while I continue to wilt .
This is crazy what’s happening .
How can I be me
When you’re so caught
Up with being you
Every time I want to try
Something new
Negative words flow
From your mouth
Is it my Strength that
a person like you
I never thought loving me would bother you
Or taking care of my life ,health and mind
Would push you away
I never speak about the things I really want to say
So I keep my words so simply
So that you don’t think I’m trying to take your shine
I’ve always thought deep
I thought you already knew
Especially after all I seen and been through
I’m not minimizing your pain
But you hide your truth
So I decide to surround myself
Around people I can relate to
I refuse for life to beat me inside and out
So I do best to nourish my soul
I chose not to judge and do my best to understand everyone’s pain
Mean while every word out your mouth
I’m feeling your pain
It’s hard to understand a person
That doesn’t admit their shame , guilt or sins
Is that how
you think you’re going
To win
By belittling the less fortunate
Or mocking the hurt
And not relating
To some stories
But by the things you say
All I hear is anger , bitterness and Shame
But that’s ok
I won’t stand in your way
I’ll allow you to venture on that
Journey of heartache and pain
And God willing you will
Wake up
And see judging
Is wrong
And so is making fun of
The scared , confused
Or laughing at the hurt
By not understanding the things
They do takes away from something they may
have been through
Maybe if you were more honest and swept from under your rug
It would give some a reason to never give up …Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

A prayer for my little lady …

If I could give you the world in a gift card
and watch you love yourself
the way you deserve
you would make my life complete
If I could watch you see yourself
through my eyes
I would never loose any sleep
If I could witness
your laughter
and tears of joy running
down your face
My days would be faced with ease
I can’t wait until you walk with your head held high and screwed what the world thinks
and finally realize
not many can compete
If I could take your pain away
You will realize
there’s no such thing as defeat
If you took the time to look
deeper then the surface
That’s where you will see
Who God intended for you to be
A woman that has beauty
that is not only skin deep
A woman that has fought
For what she believes
A woman that understands
who she is
A woman that still gives
no matter
if the world
continues to take
A woman that has faith in God
and watches her troubles
be washed away
A woman that is born again
To see a new way of life
A woman who finally believes that everything will be alright…original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

ADD? , I beg to differ !!!

Why won’t you look at me
Are your eyes blind to see
You’re only going to get one mother
Look me in my face
Stop looking away
Can’t you just focus on what you
What can I do
I do my best to love you
But your constantly treating me
Like a fool
I support you in anything you do
I try to convince you to
To love me to
I guess the dr is where we have to go
But I’m not going through the school
They’re not going to get the satisfaction
While prescribing a drug to shut
You up
I think it’s discipline
Is what you need
Consequences behind your bad deeds
Not something you washed down with water
To eAse our pain
Of once upon time living insane
Let me put this mirror to my face and realize what needs to change
“Get out my face, you’re annoying , can you find a friend ”
Those were the words I realized stuck in your head .
So before I tell the doctor your out of control
Let me look at myself and realize
I was the one who had to learn self-control … Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

I rather a man

Hey you with your pants hanging so low
You couldn’t tell if life is moving fast or slow
Cause your stuck in your ways
You even stop praying for change
You let the streets dictate your ways
And you hope your words make a way
you treat your Queen like
She doesn’t deserve to be heard
After she serve your food and cleans the house
Take care of the kids
And helps your family out
You get mad when she takes care of herself or ask for help
You left her alone in more ways than one
Emotionally , physically and spiritually she’s sick
Because she’s loving a man
That won’t help her with shit
God forbid you help
with the kids or
Lift a finger or clean a dish
She’s all over all the love you give behind four walls
After all she does
Don’t you think She deserves more
Then what your body does
And if you don’t no worries time will show her the way
And the love you give will no
Longer ease her pain . Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

time to go

Mysterious and unseen
So I wore all black
And hid all my sins
Because I hated who I was
You can’t see me in the light
Cause the dark is where I shine
You won’t see my marks
Or my tattoos
I hated the truth
And all I’ve been through
But why does so many still want to get through
And lay with a black soul
That was so cold
That didn’t understand love
But fought so hard to never give up
Why am gravitating to someone
Like you
Don’t I deserve something
I hate the way you laugh
When I hurt
And get mad when I tell
You the truth
This shit hurts too much
Get your fist out my face
I didn’t flirt with your friend
I just asked him if he wanted
A plate
Let’s move from here
I’m sure you will change
3 bedrooms a little more space
You mother loves me so does all
Your family
I just don’t get why you constantly have to put your hands on me
I know I’m not perfect but your passive and aggressive ways
Makes everyone think I’m crazy
And you’re the one who is sane
I can’t live like this no more I need to get away
Drinking at work only masks my pain
I hate my life why do I deserve this pain
Take what you think belongs to you
I hope you understand what you’re doing
I’m not fighting
I told you my body doesn’t belong to you
But you take it anyway
So you can release your pain
While I cry out loud
Let me out of this fckin house
But your hands are firmly around my neck telling me if I leave the consequence is death
That doesn’t stop the way I move so I go to sleep like I have nothing to prove
Sun rises you’re heading to wrk
I can’t do this anymore !!! This isn’t going to work !!! Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©