In Jesus name I prayed ? 

“We may Have Enemies We may have Friends

 But the reality is 

 all are Teachers

In the end 


how not to live like thieves 

By focusing on the Shame 

Time to rise above 

and say his name


Is the name 

I’ll never let die in vain 


was the name 

that took away my pain 

When I was under attack

 and over whelmed 


allowed me to prevail 

Religion confused me 

But the words 

Satan I rebuke in Jesus name 

Renewed me 

When I was hurt 

When I was learning 

more about myself everyday 

I asked Jesus to lead the way 

Whether it was the holy bible 

that showed me the way 

Or my heart I followed 

when I felt like 

 Life was in my way 

Things never made sense 

but today they do 

That name Jesus 

speaks volumes 

To me 

what about you ??? 

Original By 

Rachel Shundari Ullah 

Some Things Are Not That Complicated !!! 

Why hate me If I don’t hate you 

We all go through 

The same struggles 

You just don’t 

have a clue 

Your focused 

on your kind 

Not thinking 

about others 

Not realizing 

we are all 

gods children 

Sisters and Brothers 

Race is so over rated 

And religion is too 

Things thrown in our face 

 That we individually 

go through 

Some don’t 

even know about the 


that are 

being celebrated  

A “holy day ”  

that should 

be a happy day 

But at times brings 

so much pain 

So I can understand

 some that care 

not to celebrate 

Everyday should 

be treated 


Thanksgiving Day 

 Or giving thanks

 on Easter Sunday 

Should happen every day

 And you don’t 

 need a space 

To celebrate gods face 

Just speak in the air 

or get on your knees 

Or run a nice shower

And talk he 

He will hear your words 

and lighten your heart 

Then hateful things 

or thoughts may 

no longer live in your heart 

Everyone has a reason 

they live 

there life a certain way 

But I don’t judge you

 or throw 

The things you do in your face 

If you ask me 

why I put up a Christmas tree 

I tell I you like to see my kids smile 

And if you ask me 

why I took it down so early 

I’ll say I needed my space 

I don’t know what all these holidays mean and I don’t know if Halloween is the devils dream 

but I know on that day 

I seen my kids be able to feel free . 

It’s up to us as parents when they are young to allow what we see . 

But Remember what some children  pretend to be 

may not be what it seems . 

The devil could be wearing the Angels wings and angel can have horns that you see . 

 At the end the day my point is this . Things aren’t always

 the way it  seems 

I still believe in God as crazy as it seems !!

Original By 

Rachel Shundari Ullah 

Can you hear me now 

Who are you ? Please tell me 

Do you see my face

Do I look pleased 

Im a testament 

of the strength god gave me 

With the pain 

that has been instilled in me 

My eyes see 

through your eyes 

So if your busy 


If what I’m saying 

are Lies

You will be in 

for a big surprise 

You will now see 

Everything I said 

 I wanted to be 

Is everything 

I’m striving to be 


 you can’t clown me 

my crown is on 

I told you how I felt 

and I wasn’t untruthful

But your vocal muscles

 you chose to use

beat me to a pulp 

And while I was choking 

You didn’t give me hope 

So how could you be mad 

Because I’m holding my ground

And not allowing anyone to bring me down

See God is the center of my life 

And he comes first 

So that means 

Before what you have 

who you know 

The strings you could pull 

The things you  

expect me to say 

Trust me 

I will not say

I can’t play 

this malicious game 

I Wonder how many Woman 

you treat the same 

I’ve knocking on these doors 


But no one is hearing me 

Time to kick them down 

Not physically , spiritually … 

Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah 

Color blind

Spanish speaking
Puerto Rican,
brown and proud,
Light hair
with blue eyes
I’ve been with all races
It didn’t matter
What anyone thought
As long as I was being treated
Like a lady
So I thought
Spanish, white, black
It didn’t make any difference
If I didn’t claim
The woman I was
Neither would any man
no matter his race
I heard people say “once you go white
you go right”
I beg to differ
Or “once you go black
you never go back ”
If only one could picture
Or “Spanish men
are the best “choice
If only you knew
No matter the race
I chose
They didn’t have
a clue
because I allowed myself
to be misunderstood
By not setting standards
And living their truth
Hoping they would teach
my children
and I something new
But they
didn’t know
how to follow through
Being a man
was the hardest
thing for them
to do.
Because what they
have been through
So before you think
it’s s race
that did you wrong .
Take the time and tell me was
was your heart
in the right place
or was your mind
thinking foolishly
Or were just
living cluelessly
Just thinking about
this seems
like a better way To live
Or maybe my kids need a man like this
Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong
But I’ll tell you race
had nothing to do with it at all …
I was manipulated
and done wrong by all .
So this time around
I will get to know me
and the things
that make me
feel complete
and Race
has no factor in how I see ….

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

No Longer Dancing With The Devil …

Laying in bed
alone again
Thanking God
because I know
this is only
not the end
Shared my truth
and all my flaws
Now it’s time for me
tell you why I chose
To dance with the devil
I wasn’t confident in me
So I guess I chose
exactly what I saw in me
Some one hurting
Someone who was
Uncomfortable with
negative energy
Someone whose
been burnt
by life and always
being taught a lesson
But to your surprise
Today I look
in mirror
and I finally see me
Looking at you
no longer does it for me
I remember
how you treated Me
and seen me
Like I was a weak
link mean while
I was the steel chain
that never faded
may have bent
but never broke .
Something like
That you chose not to see

How could I expect
you to see me
If you couldn’t
even see you
Not over things
that life put you through
But still I seen you
the way
I seen me
Someone that has been brought
to their knees
Someone who shared their
truth while doing her best
to righteously
pull through
Scared of what’s next
but still living life
Wondering if
God put the right people
in my life
or Am I being deceived
When I think
harder it really
doesn’t mean a thing
because the person
I chose for me
will be exactly
what’s inside of me ….
Original By
Rachel Shundari Ullah