Lets water our roots 

You seen we were planting seeds 

Full of grace 

Full of love 

Full of faith

Stronger then 

your average 

You are 

scared of the truth 

The youth

we are breeding 

have more strength 

then you  

So now you show your spirit of hate 

So that mothers and fathers lose faith 

can’t run a red light 

can’t get away with a fight

Stealing isn’t easy 

Or selling drugs on the block 

Could easily get you locked 

But you could abduct a child 

And expect me not be shocked 

What I’m learning is the truth 

Media lies 

The devil plots 

Gods people cry 

Hate crimes at all time high 

You want take our eyes off 

What’s really happen

Politics is monopoly 

buildings built 

While people 

broken down 

Money has to 

 stay in circle 

So they must 

disgrace our crown 

Sacrificial duties 

Religion is a money game 

Life happens to all 

I can guarantee you 

all the emotions

 they come with 

are the same 

So in order for us 

to stay ahead of the game 

We need comradery . 

Not a community 

of self absorbed 

People living in vein 

With platforms but 

won’t share with 

those that have 

something powerful to say !! 

By Rachel Shundari Ullah 

Respect the season … 

 I’m mindful of my words always 

 . I hope you realize

 this is a love that will NEVER return after gone . 

You know I hold on to our connection  

, that’s why I never wanted to love you from afar 

Then I reflect and realize that those things no longer exists in you  

 my body I can’t share with a man 

that’s never there 

Your emotionally vacant 

This isn’t fair .

 I met you as Man 

that showed concern 

and love 

Someone willing to fight for me 

and put on his gloves 

A matter fact 

I think back 

So thoughtful  

you were 

We just met 

I think about the man that would say ” thinking about you ” no more no less . 

I’m thinking about the man I built with 

and worried about my well being .

 I’m thinking about the man 

I was willing to give my love 

every day or evening . 

I thinking about the man 


Leaving wasn’t on my mind . 

Calculated movement 

Seeing if I snap 

See I’m a different type of woman 

I’ll never attack 

I know who I am 

And what I bring to the table 

I was only 

Showing you a woman 

that was willing and able . 

When things cross my mind 

And feelings enter my heart 

I base my response off of your words 

Not my emotion , it’s called trust 

But I’m tired of trusting your words 

When your actions don’t add up 

 I made all my efforts 

to introduce you 

to the type of woman 

I am and trust and believe

 I don’t switch up . 

You know me long enough

 to see I’m as real as it gets 

if you’re a god sent for reason 

Instead of lifetime this season I’ll respect . 

By Rachel Shundari Ullah 

Damsel in distress? not me ! 

Broken , Me ? get the best of me ? 

Trust me 

That’s something 

you’ll never see 

You think 

I would allow your 

manipulative ways 

To suffocate me ? 

You must be crazy 

See the minute you met me 

you should of did your homework 

really got to know me 

A damsel in distress

 Not me 

I’ll stay lonely before you get me to cry you a river 

A soul like mine 

will eat a soul like yours for dinner 

I’m no intentional sinner 

But your coming for my heart  

You’re a soul digger 

I’m about spiritually pull the trigger 

Heart wrenching , soul searching , 

Hiding truths

You won’t even let your eyes penetrate mine 

Your probably scared , terrified 

See you’re not built to go to war with a woman like me . Spiritually , mentally , even physically you couldn’t hang with me . 

the minute eyes were on me 

You called it a “distraction ”


Scared of being with a main attraction. 

A Queen that deserves more than a fraction 

Of who you are today 

A “boy “to a prince not yet a King … that’s why you don’t know how to embrace a Queen like me …  

by Rachel Shundari Ullah


Universal Prayer 

” I have something on my mind 

and I need to pray 

 to my Most High . 

Lord god please 

take the pain and away 

and lay your healing 

hands on the ones 

whose pain won’t fade .  

I listen to stories from so many . 

So many hurt , 

confused , 

traumatized , 

and broken inside .  

It makes me understand 

 why people are so sad inside . 

 I pray for all 


including mental 

I pray for 




or for the people 

that have lost their 

self during the cause . 

 Lord what I ask is ,  

Please give me the strength to pray everyday  

give me the understanding

 I need in order to continue to 

restore faith .   

Give me the endurance 

to face my everyday 

 And Please open the eyes of those that believe they are the only ones that have unresolved pain. 

And lord I pray that we all come together treat each other 

without judgement

 and let us stop placing blame 

Let us all remember 

 We never know what 

everyone is faced with today 

  No matter gender ,

 race , religion , 

belief system 

or political view . 

 Addiction ,

  death and suicide

 is at a all time high 

, we need to stick together to get by . ” 

By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Tough love 

It’s time to let go You’re not children anymore 

I can’t save the day 

Or force you to pray 

I can’t make you see the sun 

Through the rain 

I can’t change the game

I have to let you feel the pain 

Of your everyday 

I wanted to shelter you from the world 

And their vicious ways

Or the way society 

plays that  good old money game

But I can’t 

allow you to remain

 the same 

A prisoner of my nurturing ways 

I need to let you go 

So you can finally see 

Things aren’t as easy as it seems 

Disappointments will arise 

Victory will follow 

Being grateful and have faith in god 

 is the key to everything 

Soon you will see it’s doesn’t have to be a drink , relationships , weed or shopping sprees 

It will be just being happy 

To see 

being happy to breathe

 being happy in peace .

It took a minute for me to heal 

from what the world did to me 

So I can’t rush your process 

I have to let  go 

I may not be not holding your hand 

Any more 

But  in my heart  I will never let you  go … 

By Rachel Shundari Ullah