I had to learn to love from a distance

So quick to judge how others move
I’m just sitting learning to live life
With nothing prove
Its hurts me to know the ones I love
Aren’t near
But it’s hurts me more when I’m alone wiping my tears
Pride isn’t my heart
And neither is malice
So when you talk about me
Understand I was challenged
To either become a victim to selfish ways
Or become victor and enjoy my days
So I decided to Stay the same ,
Respect the ones that embrace change
Respect the ones that don’t live in vain
Or cry everyone but me
needs to change
Reflecting is hardest part of this journey and so is being a slave to worry
I refuse to worry about those who don’t worry about me
Or cry out loud , does anyone see ???
We need to value life
And smile just cause we breathe
Even through heart ache and misery
Financial difficulties , abandonment
are you getting me?
Nah , it’s probably to hard for you to see ,
See , but nothing was handed to me , I fought to breathe , fought to see , fought to change the things that weren’t working for me
That’s why I don’t judge anyone for their ways , I respect the process and let god lead the way …

By Rachel Shundari Ullah


I am a Woman
Full of strength
Dignity, integrity and faith
Try to step on my toes
You’ll see
I’ll sit back and
Patiently wait
And let God deal with your ways
I won’t prey on your downfall
I’ll pray he shows you the way
Humble you and make you better
Then yesterday
Trust me
My ways have changed
In the past
I would have
Emotionally vented
And let you feel my pain
I was capable
Of being cold-hearted
Didn’t have to force it
With no remorse in my heart
Because you caused it
But you’re not worth my words
Or my actions
Because hate no longer
Runs through my veins
Don’t get it twisted,
I’m not a push over
Just too mature
For these immature ways….

Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah ©


Broken hearted
Tears no longer In my eyes
My thoughts are Streaming down my face
I’m losing hope
Losing faith
Feeling Abandoned
Having to figure Life out Once again
I rather you keep it real
But you choose
To play with my Heart instead
I closed my eyes long enough
I had enough
I held you down
You pierced my heart Time and time again
Now all I see
Is the reminder
Memories playing
Over and over again
You cheated
You denied
You even cried
And said what I heard was lies
Pictures we took
Remind me of a disguise
Keep it real
Confusion, pain and hurt
Is the only Thing
You consistently provide
All the times I let shit fly
Don’t be mad
My tears, finally running dry
And it’s my time to shine….

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©