Blue law exposed !!!

Uniformed gangsters knocking at my door
Let me hurry up and answer the door
My kids are sleeping I don’t want them to witness my truth
of me being under the influence
Of the Devils juice
So let me step outside and explain what I have to say
Please get out of my face
Look at my car
I had a few glasses of wine …
You must have been in your Glory after
That line .
So you shove a breathalyzer in mouth
As you continue to scream and shout
These handcuffs are tight can you loosen them up
stop shouting things out

I can do without
the reminder of my past
But I’m sure you already know my name
you’re making me angry
I didn’t crash !!!

I’m sure you can see it in my eyes
Now I can’t see
Past all your lies .
Now my daughters watching her mother sin
I’m sick to my stomach can we just fix this
Don’t take off my cuffs
Take me away
I rather not stay
I don’t care about my earings my chain or my watch
I rather vouch that shit
But the Devils eyes
Won’t respect what I say …
this exactly what you planned from the door .
Now I can’t breathe , what is happening to me I don’t deserve
The pain I’m feeling
I’m not fighting back
but there’s a knee in my back and an elbow to my head
Oh my god
I think they want me dead
Is it cause my name
or you don’t like my skin
or the block I live on
What the hell is happening !!
Original: true story … by Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Published by

Rachel Shundari ullah

I am a strong woman / mother that has been on my own since 14 years old without the proper guidance or structure. I am currently a volunteer for true2life . I have a purpose deeper then just me , I am the founder and president of my non profit organization named Its Beneath The Surface ( I am U ) . Our mission is to create a universal support system for our youth , teenagers , parents ,and adults of all ages that deal with everyday adversities .