Sorry I Can’t feed you my love

House is smelling like love
Not easily given away
You want a plate show me you’re worth the chase
The food I make is filled with my love , loyalty , respect
With a twist of things I will do to you if you were the man I was eventually coming home to .
See my love is no longer shared unless you give me a reason to stay
Meaning we first need to go on dates and see if you’re a man who deserves a plate
Trust me When you taste my food you will salivate
Loving every single taste
All the flavors will burst in your mouth
Leaving you speechless without a shadow of a doubt
But I can’t make you a plate if the only thing you’re bringing to my table is a dish and fork what about the long walk in the park or the long talks
What about going movies
Or sharing our dreams
What about waking up and seeing text that makes my heart skip a beat .
I’m not asking for much
So I’m sorry
I can’t feed you my love
if all you do is eat . Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Published by

Rachel Shundari ullah

I am a strong woman / mother that has been on my own since 15 years old without the proper guidance or structure. I am currently a volunteer for true2life . I have a purpose deeper than just me , I am the founder and president of my non profit organization named Its Beneath The Surface ( I am U ) . Our mission is to create a universal support system for our youth , teenagers , parents ,and adults of all ages that deal with everyday adversities .