Lets be women together

Woman in control,
control of what
how we can make a man trust
or how we can control his thoughts
or if he comes home on time
or how we can control his mind
Woman can control so many more than the things
that go on in a mans head .
I am in control of me
what you see is what you get
I can’t
Pretend to be who you want me to be
I am in control of my heart
and if you decide
you can’t be a part of the way think and how I see
You’re not for me
I am in control of my body
Yea ,I said it
my body belongs to me
So if I flaunt it
or hide it
that doesn’t mean
I want to be seen
or I’m scared to be seen
I’m comfortable being me
I’m in control of my spirit
so tainted ways and jaded thoughts
Can’t affect my ways
I am in control of me ,
can’t you see more
than all the things that your male anatomy sees .
If you can’t
I’m not for you
because I deserve
to be treated like you’re mother and daughters do
.Woman in control can be so many things but let me break down a little more of me
I’m a woman in control of me,
if you don’t understand me , please feel free to leave … What’s a woman without a mind of her own ,
a woman who can be cloned
a woman who can be owned a woman who settles for less than her best
a woman who is just like all the rest .
A woman who thinks
she’s too cute and her looks can get her through .
A woman who gives her body away , any man will do .
A woman who hates peace a woman who loves drama
a woman who will probably disrespect your mother .
A woman who doesn’t understand her ways and all the crazy things she may say . A woman who forgets all she is as long as she’s his.
a woman who looks like the rest , talks like the rest
and thinks like the rest
And sometimes even dresses like the rest ,
a woman who has no shame and plays games ,
a woman that lives in vain .
a woman that doesn’t hold her ground or own her crown as long as you promise to always be around .
I’m a woman with a mind of her own that can’t be cloned , that can’t be owned , that understands her truth and can’t settle for less than what she gives to you ..we can all be strong women , women oppressed mentally evolving nobly ….

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Published by

Rachel Shundari ullah

I am a strong woman / mother that has been on my own since 14 years old without the proper guidance or structure. I am currently a volunteer for true2life . I have a purpose deeper then just me , I am the founder and president of my non profit organization named Its Beneath The Surface ( I am U ) . Our mission is to create a universal support system for our youth , teenagers , parents ,and adults of all ages that deal with everyday adversities .