Broken hearted
Tears no longer In my eyes
My thoughts are Streaming down my face
I’m losing hope
Losing faith
Feeling Abandoned
Having to figure Life out Once again
I rather you keep it real
But you choose
To play with my Heart instead
I closed my eyes long enough
I had enough
I held you down
You pierced my heart Time and time again
Now all I see
Is the reminder
Memories playing
Over and over again
You cheated
You denied
You even cried
And said what I heard was lies
Pictures we took
Remind me of a disguise
Keep it real
Confusion, pain and hurt
Is the only Thing
You consistently provide
All the times I let shit fly
Don’t be mad
My tears, finally running dry
And it’s my time to shine….

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Published by

Rachel Shundari ullah

I am a strong woman / mother that has been on my own since 15 years old without the proper guidance or structure. I am currently a volunteer for true2life . I have a purpose deeper than just me , I am the founder and president of my non profit organization named Its Beneath The Surface ( I am U ) . Our mission is to create a universal support system for our youth , teenagers , parents ,and adults of all ages that deal with everyday adversities .