Real men cry …

women were taught to feel
men were taught ,
not to feel
Is “keeping real”
See there’s nothing wrong with emotion In my eyes
As long as you don’t
lose focus
Crying is healthy
stop being so proud
So if crying yelling and screaming is what
you have to do
Whether you do it alone
Or reach for the one who loves you
Or cry to God
Ask him To renew the heart
God naturally
Gave to you
That was selfishly taking from you
Do it , don’t be ashamed we all feel
We are human , the same
There’s no way you can go all your days without one tear to follow your pain
Why wait until death is before your eyes
To thank god for your life
Crying is necessary
To cleanse your eyes
And heal your heart
That has been picked
Apart since you were young
“Man up , stop your whining , dry you tears ”
Real Men don’t cry ”
Never realizing we were all sold a bunch of lies
So before we call a man out his name for shedding his pain
remember it takes a real man
to shed a tear .
Or to show emotion when he’s hurt
So men ….
instead of holding your tears in
and suppressing your pain
I pray you realize it’s ok
Empty your window pain …
original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Cleansed eyes

Cleansed eyes …..
I can’t compromise my spirit
to benefit your soul
I cleansed myself
of all tainted energies
I seen the signs
You think your
love is blind
But I can see
through your eyes
your jaded ways
can longer
cloud my ways
Or take away
from my heart
I told you
who I was
from the start
Lie , never did I
Cried a river until it ran dry
Love is blind they say
but not in my eyes
How many times
does one have to cry
Cry to be heard
and understood
You know you were
up to no good
But your heart
wouldn’t tell the truth
You must have thought
I was the Devils food
Nd not a child of God
And he would let me
die in vain
And he wouldn’t
release the pain
Or let me see your face
the true you
Not the mask you wear
or who you pretend to be
I seen it in your eyes
Envy ,
hate ,
jealousy ,
hiding your Shame
playing mind games
Like I’m the one
that needed to change …
Love is blind in your eyes
but in my eyes love never existed … Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Concrete rose

Welcome to my garden
Don’t beg my pardon because you’re starving
You see this rose will be all up in
Your nose and you will be craving for the secret in my garden . But that don’t get revealed easy
So breathe easy
Get to know Me
How I think
How I see
Don’t you see me I think deep
Blue roses unattainable , purple roses loyal , pink roses love , red roses passion , my garden is filled with plenty satisfaction
But I won’t let you water my garden if your ways are tainted because my garden today is as beautiful as God created . Untouched , unmarked and not jaded by the hands or the spirits of beneath where I rose from . the shit I ate fed my stem a I blossomed to a rose that’s all in your nose smelling so good comanding your attention as I continue bloom but give space I need room
To see if the things you say will make me wilt or wither away or will It add a rose to my secret garden …. trust… then I’ll feed you when you’re starving . Because you water my garden with sound of your voice and fed my garden with your words of wisdom and your thoughts so deep .
You encouraged me
To keep fighting for what I believed in
You taught me things I couldn’t see
Now I can see I’m a concrete rose . Beauty you can’t take away
More to meet the eye
You don’t even have to water me
For me to survive . Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Family loves unconditionally !!!

The sun is shinning
I don’t hear the noise from
People dying
Rage turns to song
It’s been so long since
I was able to sing
this happy
Time passes , tears fade
I’m no longer worried about
What’s in our way
Faith stronger
Life is brighter
I can feel it today
It’s not only my pain
that is gradually
fading away
Conversations lighter ,
not forced
Stronger words ,
no more doubts
Or questioning
ones faults
No one is perfect
This we know …
Us against world
beating the odds
Learning more about
Each other
Learning not
to shout
Saying sorry
when wrong
Never boasting
When right
Loving on another
Helping each other out
Family is what we are
Family is what we always been
So think about joy
And think about love
and don’t forget to thank
that man from above ….
For continuing
to show us the way .
And showing us
Today is a new day !!!! Original By
Rachel Shundari Ullah

A personal relationship with God is all you need

They say there’s no condemnation in God .
So how does this work ?
Should I hold in my feelings
And not release my hurt
Or should I continue to hide
My pain by tainting my soul
Because the words you are
Saying won’t let me let go
This makes no sense
I hear the scripture you say
But by example I hear a whole bunch of fear hiding your truth
Scared to talk to lost souls.
Why won’t your words set people
Why is it so difficult to say once
Upon time this was me
Or I still struggle today
We’re no different
We’re the same
You paint a picture of a perfect
One without hurt or disgrace
So when I sin it’s hurts so
Much more within
So I hide my face and try
To ease my pain while I’m fading
I’m sorry I can’t live up to your expectation of your perfect slave
Filled with guilt as we pray
Your orders are filled every single day
You fill your home with food I could eat
While you wear the best and
I sit around waiting for pain
In my chest to end
This doesn’t make any sense
So I close my eyes and open my heart and praise harder than before .
Your words I longer hear cause the Devils lurking at my door
I guess it time to believe in the truth and open the bible for so many are living proof
Just remember you scared me away
But that doesn’t mean I don’t pray or want change
So now it’s my time to tell my truth I don’t need your space to witness Gods grace Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

A prayer for my little lady …

If I could give you the world in a gift card
and watch you love yourself
the way you deserve
you would make my life complete
If I could watch you see yourself
through my eyes
I would never loose any sleep
If I could witness
your laughter
and tears of joy running
down your face
My days would be faced with ease
I can’t wait until you walk with your head held high and screwed what the world thinks
and finally realize
not many can compete
If I could take your pain away
You will realize
there’s no such thing as defeat
If you took the time to look
deeper then the surface
That’s where you will see
Who God intended for you to be
A woman that has beauty
that is not only skin deep
A woman that has fought
For what she believes
A woman that understands
who she is
A woman that still gives
no matter
if the world
continues to take
A woman that has faith in God
and watches her troubles
be washed away
A woman that is born again
To see a new way of life
A woman who finally believes that everything will be alright…original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Baby I deserve !!!

The good in me outweighs the bad
The transition in me is probably hard to believe .
I know there’s more test to come but that’s ok cause armor of God is on .
So you can’t stand in my way
nor will I be a slave to your tainted and jaded ways .
So I wake up and I pray and hope God only takes the place of the Devils place .
I deserve love
I deserve someone
who never gives up .
I deserve someone who sits under a tree with me
Or kisses me on my forehead
After a long day
I deserve a man who trust my words
And is not threatened by my friends
I deserve a man who loves my kids just like his
I deserve a man who loves God first and is not afraid to tell the world
I deserve a man who doesn’t get high
And a man who doesn’t add to my pain
I deserve a man who understands the things I love to do
I deserve a man who goes out his way
A man who takes his time
A man who’s mAn enough to take the lead
A man who teaches me something new
And shows me things ,
I never seen
A man who’s not stuck in his way
And is open to trying new things
A man who Has class that Rarely curses
A man who is a real man a hard-working man that values .
Life and his family above all
A man that will man up if ever I fall …
Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

I salute you !!!!

This is for all my single fathers who raise their babies to be kings and queens .
Never walking away even though mom didn’t stay .
This for all my single fathers who do their best even though they feel the pain in their children’s chest .
This is for the single fathers who teach their boys to be men and teach their daughters how a man should love a woman .
This is for my single fathers who get no help financially , physically , emotionally from their children’s mother because she needs help .
This is for my single fathers who don’t place blame and just keep it moving like it was any other day .
This is for all my single fathers who care more about their kids so their time is limited .
This is for all my single fathers ,
I see all that you do . So lift your head high and continue to reach for the stars cause the sky isn’t the limit after all that you do !!! Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Continue to fight !!!

If your curious about the woman who stands before you im a Woman of truth a woman who knows her worth a woman who doesn’t hold her tongue a woman who’s not effected by much a woman who hates drugs a woman who will sip on her drink but don’t get it twisted this wasn’t always me … I use to be able to drink like a dude and sat bitter angry and confused about life and how I was treated I allowed myself to feel defeated . I did my best to change my ways and as time went on I learned to have faith I surrendered my heart to the unknown and decided to go with the flow of doing things right putting up a fight for what I believed , not caring what anyone thinks . Some disappeared some stayed but the truth is I’m ok . Once I realized life was unfair and no matter your struggles or signs of despair sometimes nobody will be there . That doesn’t excuse all they do it just means they are not for you so hold your head high as you continue you to fight and never give up , it’s going to be alright . let no one determine the smile in your life . Once you realize the biggest battle is fighting yourself and at end the day having faith in God is the only thing that can help …. Original By Warrior Princess

Love …

I can’t recite a scripture but I know who intervened . Faith in God is what saved me . . No matter if you lied or did me wrong I pray on no ones downfall . I want the world to win because we all have sinned doesn’t make it right , but I understand the fight . It’s ok to fall but try again or you’re going to relive a pain that will never end . Learn about yourself, don’t worry about others , keep close to your family like there’s no other , stay the course and don’t get discouraged because the world is living a different life then what you encourage …. Stay true to yourself don’t sacrifice your soul . If someone doesn’t get who you are let them go. Cry for a minute let your feelings flow realize the one who loves you would never hurt or abuse you or selfishly think , or sit back and watch you sink , they will do their best to keep you afloat and tell you things you need to know . They will never walk away and not think about you they will never sit back and question your truth . They would never get joy trying to figure you out they will never not hear you out . So regardless to how you feel know the difference in what is real . Love shouldn’t hurt , love should be fair both have to fight for you want . It can’t be one making the efforts or taking the time to make sure everything is alright . Love will make you shine , love will build you up , love will hold you down when no one else is around . Love will never try to take your spirit away love will only remind you of heavens face . Love will let you be as long as your true , love will make you realize the truth . Love will never forget who you are love will never take things to far . Love will reassure you , love would never ignore you . love will never hold you back ,love would make sure you stay on track, Love will take its time , love is something beautiful and divine , love is something that’s not easy to find . Original By Warrior Princess