Never say never???? …. Never !!!!!!

it is God who
I owe my loyalty too
He who always provides
no matter what I go through
I don’t owe the streets
They never did a damn thing for me
No more sleepless nights
I didn’t ask for perfect
I just asked for peace
The kind peace that defeats the devil in my sleep
Passing through
is what I’m doing
Leaving a legacy
of things
I need to say
Reminding us all the devil
is creeping and slithering like a snake in a lake
Fast and precise
wanting my soul
In the night
Willing to go to any lengths to get my attention
Let me not forget to mention
this all while he has erection
Hard enough to see a woman
Like me give it up
I’m child of God stop
Trying to my taint my soul
My body is my temple
And redemption is my truth
So I’m sorry , I can’t give my body to you
Stop throwing money in my face
your money holds no weight
or the car you drive
Doesn’t resonate
Or where you vacation
Is something
I don’t celebrate
Because it’s not hard work that got you to that place
Serving the streets
as families
Kids loosing parents
families destroyed
Because their loyalty
Is with what you supply
Do you really think
that’s the kind of guy
I want in my life
One who works for devil
And creates feens
And contributes to mental disease
One whose life
is not all cracked up as it seems
I’m sorry I can’t support your dreams
I understand you want to live better but at what cost
All you contribute the world is heart ache , confusion and pain
Your wearing a child’s dreams and education around your wrist
and around neck is a childs lost faith .
Because of someone in their life ,
mental state
You feed vulnerable souls
And Give them hope
You love them unconditionally
Even when their about to choke
You see them struggling to pay their dues
What kind of shit you think they are putting family through
Coming to you with a tv , jewelry or their money for food
Now for sure that family doesn’t
Stand a chance
But that doesn’t matter to you
Your eating good
Able to push Benz
or the car you chose
Showing off in your hood
your money is being used in vain
Setting a horrible example
now kids are watching
how you move . Jading our youth ..
I can never again be with a man like you !!!!original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

If you’re curious !

God in me is what you see
I don’t have a fancy whip
And all the things you may think
But my heart is strong and I
Always put up a fight
to excel In Life
Pushing my self harder each time
So when I smile
and laugh about life
I’m dealing with things
that are still not right
But the God in me
is what you see
Assuming I have
all material things
Don’t get me wrong
I love nice things
But those are not
the things that define me
So the god in me
allows you see
I don’t need
material things
To make me
say I’m happy
The God in me
is happy to be
living spiritually free ,
not bounded by the things
that take away from me .
The God in me
Loves my neighbor
like God loves me .
The God in me
see good in all
Never praying on
anyone’s downfall
Even if you did me wrong
The God in me
wants the world to be free
of all things
that use to take away from me
Like depression ,
anger ,
frustration ,
bitterness ,
envy ,
pride ,
ego ,
not letting anyone close to me
or able to see the real me
Scared to say
I use to hurt and feel pain
the God in me
wants everyone to see
walking in faith
isn’t as crazy it seems
The God in me
is what makes me glow
it’s not man
or a situation
that stole the show
It’s the God in
It can only be
For It was he
Who I screamed
lord what do you want from me
He says tell the truth
and you will
Well here it is
It was he who
was there ,
when no one else was
It was his voice
I heard say
don’t you give up
It was he who said your
finally free
And it was me
who chose to give all glory to he
So if your curious
about what it is about me .
It’s the God in me … Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Why can’t we all just get along

If only this world would come together instead of arguing about faith
We all are human
and need to think beyond race
and religion
Religion is a way life
it doesn’t make you right
And my way doesn’t make me right
It works for me
the way it works for you .
You’re allowed to think the way you do
Being book smart is all great
But what I truly believe
it is a way to separate and dictate
how a person has to live or love
See , I do my best
to live a righteous life
and I pray to the man up above
and treat everybody the same no matter gender or race ,preference or what a person loves or likes .
Who am I to judge ???
See the problem with the world today
Is they want us to segregate
that is why tv
shows so much hate .
I refuse to listen
to the things that are televised
So that we can believe
we’re living our last days .
That’s the reason people are losing faith
Because the world is pushing in death and hate in our face .
What God to love
or what God to hate .
See I don’t care what the world thinks about the things I say
because at the end of the day
it is God who showed me his grace .
I fought yes
but God intervened
this wasn’t planned .
This wasn’t as easy as it seems
It’s was God who gave the muscle to fight all my demons
It was God who I cried to when everybody was sleeping
It was God that entered my heart
one day and said everything will be ok . Just trust in me
and tell your truth
who cares what the world thinks
you’re living proof …. Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Am I asking for too much ?!?

My Definition
Of a man
is a god fearing man
A man who honor his mother
A man who doesn’t do drugs
A man who feels
A man who hurts
but remembers his Strength
A man who reaches others
but is still willing to learn
A man who knows his past
but works towards a better future
A hard-working man who strives
To be better
and keeps his business discreet
a man who keep his relationship private
but not a secret
A man who is loyal
one woman under his sheets is all he needs
A man who doesn’t cater to the streets
A man who isn’t complete but is willing to fight to reach a level
Where he submits to his thoughts
But strong enough to fight his emotion
A man who doesn’t think a tear running down his cheek makes him weak
A man who does his best to provide even when things are rough
A man who never walks away
When things don’t go his way
A man who lets his lady help but never carry all the weight
A man who never gives up…
A man who knows how to treat
A woman
A man who brings chivalry back to life
A man who is capable of being a freak
A man who can make you think
after mental stimulation so deep
A man who loves his kids before she
And if his lady was to have kids he would love them as his
A man who goes out of his way
A man who never stands in the way
A man who pushes his lady to be better
And supports all of her endeavors
A man who
you can build together
A man who will respectfully make his lady reflect
If words the words she say
Make no sense
A man who will communicate
A man who allow his lady to know his fears , doubts and dreams
A man who will share his inner most feeling with she
A man who is devoted to making his relationship work
A man who doesn’t let jealousy consume his thoughts
A man who believes words , with actions of course
A man who treats his lady like He never wants to be replaced
A man who takes you for a bite to eat
A man who can sit under the stars and count each blessing
A man who can watch the water flow while silently sitting together
A man who can go to club with his lady and show the world how two people in love give it up
A man who’s not afraid show the world he cares
A man who will always be there
A man who never lies
A man who does is best to surpass the rest
A man who never puts his lady through unnecessary test
A man who can be hisself
A man who can crack a joke
A man who can be free and laugh about things he seen with she
A man who can be his lady’s everything !!!! Balance to me is key !!! Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

The struggle …

Let me , introduce myself
my name is Rachel
As you can see
I don’t
Even reach 5 ‘3
I have goals and dreams
And I wish everyone could see
My soul
I love long walks in the park
Or to sit under a tree
I love deep conversations
And I’m not crazy about weed
and I hate drugs
I’ll enjoy a drink or two
so I’ll drink with you
But in the morning
we have things to do
I love to hear the laughter
of my family
And hate to see pain
I dislike selfish ways and anyone
lives in vain
In my home God first
Then all the things we need
and want
we want to do
Need and want are two different
So don’t expect everything
But expect me to hold you
Down and do my best to own my crown . And show you how a queen treats her king .
Like like cleaning , cooking you dinner
And building you up
Encouraging you to never give up
Reassuring you , letting you know you’re the only one for me
Praying for you when you can’t see
Letting you be
when you need breathe
Loving your family like they were my own
Holding your hand if you ever felt alone
Reminding you there’s so much more to life
Like smiling , laughing and loving life
And when you get caught up with what’s next
I’ll ease the pain in your chest
By saying the words
I believe in you and no matter what babe will make it through
I’ll support your dreams as I continue to reach for mine
I’ll never let another man take your shine just follow through who you said you would be
And I will never allow another man to get close to me … Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

I prayed that day …

This hurt confusion and pain please take it away the devil is trying to place condemnation in my face .
I need to step away from anyones that pain can’t fade away .
Life is only in my way
if I don’t want to change .
It hurts to stay the same
God please release the pain .
I thought I choose the best
I guess this was gods test
to see if my heart stop fighting for my kids while I had pain in my chest ,
I need to run away .
I can no longer own this the pain
it hurts too much ,
can you feel it in my touch .
I don’t want no more of this
I prayed to God that day
, and asked for angels to guide me to the right place ,
I feel free today
the pain fade away
and my hearts beats the same
. I need love today
who takes the place of a man that’s heart is so far away .
I cooked dinner today
do you want a plate
, I hate that you don’t even listen to a word I say .
Can we get along after all this time
I’m not doing fine
I need your time
But your heart is far away
And you’re fading away
You’re not everything that you said you would be
Depression takes over me
It was only a matter of time
This isn’t me .
My life matters can’t you see . Stopping looking at me , is that all you see body and flesh . Lord I will do anything take this pain from me , the Devils knocking at my door ,
I can’t do this anymore !!! Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Keep smiling

I smile through the nonsense , and laugh through the pain
I’m only able to do that
cause I have faith
God is paving my way
teaching me how to love life
Learning how to dismiss the
Things that take away from
The person I am
Believing even the bad
is in gods plan
The devil does its best to change the way you think
So you must dig deep
and don’t allow your thoughts submit
To anything but peace
Feeling cheated , left alone , forgotten
Don’t let it trigger
your thoughts
Do your best to fight harder than before
Sometimes your phone
will be dry
and emotions will run high
Those are temporary emotions
Let that shit fly
Never allow your heart to get the better of your mind
Forcing someone to get who you are is not life
Hold your ground don’t feed into your emotions
The only thing that will do is make you lose focus
So maybe today didn’t go your way and tomorrow may not either
But trust me the rest of your days will depend on how you handle today .
There are consequences behind words that you say
or the words
you should never say .
So breathe and don’t let the devil get his way
He just wants to add heart ache and pain . Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Pain washed away

I’m backed to being focused
I was wrapped up in my emotions
I’m back and ready to reach for the stars
While I’m enjoying the blessings before me
Blue waters
Life no longer passing me
Loving life
Even the days
And nights I lay alone
It shows me more
What I want
The simple things
but nothing basic
Passion brings my heart
to life
Watching family
as time made all grow
Watching my loved
ones become
their own
Living with purpose
as the wind blows fast
the sun disappears
Waves crash
Sky becomes dark
But I’m no longer afraid
So I dance in the rain …
My pain is gone I’ve been longing for this day
It hurts so much less thinking about the ones the never stayed
This is who I am
Living life free
Finally learning to love me all of me
Never reminded again of the things that use to be me … Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah