Lets be women together

Woman in control,
control of what
how we can make a man trust
or how we can control his thoughts
or if he comes home on time
or how we can control his mind
Woman can control so many more than the things
that go on in a mans head .
I am in control of me
what you see is what you get
I can’t
Pretend to be who you want me to be
I am in control of my heart
and if you decide
you can’t be a part of the way think and how I see
You’re not for me
I am in control of my body
Yea ,I said it
my body belongs to me
So if I flaunt it
or hide it
that doesn’t mean
I want to be seen
or I’m scared to be seen
I’m comfortable being me
I’m in control of my spirit
so tainted ways and jaded thoughts
Can’t affect my ways
I am in control of me ,
can’t you see more
than all the things that your male anatomy sees .
If you can’t
I’m not for you
because I deserve
to be treated like you’re mother and daughters do
.Woman in control can be so many things but let me break down a little more of me
I’m a woman in control of me,
if you don’t understand me , please feel free to leave … What’s a woman without a mind of her own ,
a woman who can be cloned
a woman who can be owned a woman who settles for less than her best
a woman who is just like all the rest .
A woman who thinks
she’s too cute and her looks can get her through .
A woman who gives her body away , any man will do .
A woman who hates peace a woman who loves drama
a woman who will probably disrespect your mother .
A woman who doesn’t understand her ways and all the crazy things she may say . A woman who forgets all she is as long as she’s his.
a woman who looks like the rest , talks like the rest
and thinks like the rest
And sometimes even dresses like the rest ,
a woman who has no shame and plays games ,
a woman that lives in vain .
a woman that doesn’t hold her ground or own her crown as long as you promise to always be around .
I’m a woman with a mind of her own that can’t be cloned , that can’t be owned , that understands her truth and can’t settle for less than what she gives to you ..we can all be strong women , women oppressed mentally evolving nobly ….

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Sex Isn’t Everything …

Your concerned with my body
Or what I do with my mouth
Your scared I’m going to show the next person all the things your going without
Like security from a woman that held you down
physically .
Sexually ,
mentally ,
And emotionally
you never went a day without
I made sure to show you
how I felt
like catering to you
when you weren’t
the best
Holding your hand
when I knew you never
been loved like this
I didn’t give up
I did my best
I even allow you
to put me through some test
I told you the truth while
you thought they were lies
Reassurance is what you live for
Your insecurity shines
Your words want to imprison my mind
but your dysfunction
is no longer a part of my life .
All the hateful things you say
You rather see me stay
the same
Then except my change
What do you expect for me
to do is turn into everything
I once was
to see things through
bothered by your words
and actions are furthest
from my thoughts
Your mental prison
no longer has me
behind your four walls of hell
Something to think about
when you’re repenting yourself
Look around
and see who surrounds
your days and nights
do you even pray for me
I told you this is something
that has come to an end
I don’t argue
to get my point across
or validate how you feel
messing with my emotions
for so long
I can no longer feel
Your heart never beat for me
It’s hate I see when I look in your eyes
Wonder why you want
me spiritually dead
That’s because all the things
that go
On in your head
How many people
have you lied
And manipulated
that you feel
Like everyone is the same as you
You can’t get away
from your reflection
it’s every where
you look
Sex is not something
that will get you far
Physically thinking
you can penetrate your
problems away
Waiting for the day
I see things your way
That could never happen again
I’m not in the same place
A woman that allows you
to throw life in her face
Or a person you created in your head
Do you get it yet
that part of me is dead
Settling for less
than what
I deserve
will never happen again
The man who gets my heart , my time , my lips, my mind , is the one that understands my spirit not just my flesh !!

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

I Never Needed You

How do you expect me to trust correctly
when betrayal is all I know
Abandoned since young
left to do things on my own
Having a child young
I needed help
Angry about my past
And hated what I’ve seen
Promised my myself
I would always be a woman that was clean
Scared of my truth and confused about love
How come no one can ever love me like the man up above
I put my best foot forward
and showed everyone my heart
Until they pushed me in a corner a tore my heart apart
I’m tired of loving so hard
I was always so true
you push me to the limit
and now I have no choice
but to forget about you too
You want to take my peace
and add to my pain
I don’t understand
your selfish
and jealous ways
So I hide my face
so you can’t see the hurt
I refuse to cry
You need help
I look in mirror
and I see what the monster
the world created
A woman that no longer
cares and refuses to cater
I was physically and emotionally a slave to your ways
Until you too raped me of my empathetic ways
Validation from another
takes the pain away
Temporarily ,I understand
this won’t last too long
But the way you have me feeling
is all the way wrong
I even cried to God
that we see better days
Now my eyes see clear
and I don’t like what I see
I see a person
that really doesn’t care
or appreciate me
A person that is threaten
by the things
that make me happy
A person that’s wants
No one else
witnessing this
Amazing side of me
You want me all to yourself
I can’t breathe ,
you’re suffocating me ,
while emotionally
making ass out of me
Aggressive with the way you speak
Nothing is never enough
Picking everything apart
Like I don’t know
how to survive myself
I told you I wasn’t with you
Because I needed help
and now you see
how I move
was never a issue
I never needed you .. I wanted you

Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

It’s My Time To Shine ….

Spirit fades
when things
don’t change
Same face
You see in the mirror everyday
Until season change
Heart grows stronger
from the things he didn’t say
So being replaced
is the last thing on my mind
What am I chasing
A man
that doesn’t take the time
Or make a effort to
Make me want to stay
It hurts you remain the same
But the time
has come to say good bye
I can longer live your life
or feel your pain
I different woman
can’t you see
Focused on things
deeper than just me
You held me back
for so long
I was worried about your growth
forgetting about mine
The things I did
to allow you
to continue to shine
I’m tired of putting
you in first place
when I’m the prize
Finally you see …
The things you never let me be
Like a Honorable woman
With a vision deeper than fixing you
I’m prepared to face all my hurt and wounds
You must be frightened
I’m strong enough to push through
I told told you
I wasn’t the Devils food .
Everyday is different
and I’m learning
more about myself
So when I look in the mirror
I see a beautiful,
strong, forgiving,
loving woman that loves herself first for the first time
and refuses to cry!

Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah

Sorry I Can’t feed you my love

House is smelling like love
Not easily given away
You want a plate show me you’re worth the chase
The food I make is filled with my love , loyalty , respect
With a twist of things I will do to you if you were the man I was eventually coming home to .
See my love is no longer shared unless you give me a reason to stay
Meaning we first need to go on dates and see if you’re a man who deserves a plate
Trust me When you taste my food you will salivate
Loving every single taste
All the flavors will burst in your mouth
Leaving you speechless without a shadow of a doubt
But I can’t make you a plate if the only thing you’re bringing to my table is a dish and fork what about the long walk in the park or the long talks
What about going movies
Or sharing our dreams
What about waking up and seeing text that makes my heart skip a beat .
I’m not asking for much
So I’m sorry
I can’t feed you my love
if all you do is eat . Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah

Mother to son

Tears streaming
down my face
So many things
I never wanted you to face
Like the insecurity
that lied within me
Or the the fear of failure
Not being able to see
It hurts to feel your pain
I pray to god he leads the way
I know you can be so many things
Your just a young man
trying to
Find his way
in a cold world
People not caring about anything but drugs , money and girls .
You feel like
your left out the loop
Trying to do things
the right way
Stressed out
with nothing to show
Looking at the rest
of the world
Like they have it all together
But season change
always remember
Your time has come
and you will do better
Seeing clearer
Wanting more
Being a boss
is what’s on your mind
So you follow the lead
wake up and grind
With big plans
on your mind
I can see it now
All your dreams
coming true
Words you speak
Is your truth
With Actions
to show and prove
Moving like
you have something to lose
Learning to communicate without placing blAme
Priorities in order
Thinking about
what’s next
Staying focused
Tired of being
second best
In your head
level #1 is the Level You chose
Forgetting about everyone that has forgotten about you !!! Original by Rachel Shundari Ullah