I love me ….

Stop stressing me while testing me ,I’m not a mess
or clearly what you think of me ,
life is funny and I can see all the people who try to taint my spirit without getting to know me ,
I did that before won’t do it again
if you think I’m going to lose anymore of myself think again .
Do you see the woman before you a woman who’s true and that holds no weight a woman who has faith
a woman who’s affected selectively and woman that cares less about a rate
or how you see her and what you think about who she is .
So simple I’ll remain and not allow my pain to define my ways
and ill continue to love myself more than before . And believe God has something better in store … Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Have a little faith …

Imagine being confused
imagine loving a man who loved drugs over you
imagine going to jail pregnant for something you didn’t do
imagine having kids and no place to live
imagine coming home to that kind of shit .
Imagine living with your friend cause that’s the only one that cares
imagine showing your body while everybody stares
imagine lying and manipulating people because you felt like you paid your dues
Imagine having no one to understand your pain
so instead you live in vain
imagine searching for love but hating yourself
imagine figuring things out as you continue to wilt .
imagine smiling everyday and not crying about life
imagine waking up having faith believing everything will be alright
imagine God on your side as everyone laughs
imagine God taking you to the level all thought you couldn’t surpass …
imagine reminding yourself your worth more than rubies and gold
imagine waking up alone .
Imagine learning to live all over again
imagine believing in God and doing your best not to sin .
Imagine crying alone with thoughts of death
imagine putting your faith to the test .
Imagine fighting so hard no one understand
imagine not caring if it’s not in gods plan . Imagine waking up with new sense of life
imagine eliminating anything that doesn’t feel right .
Imagine loving so hard and not giving up imagine time on your side wonder if that would help .
Imagine glowing so bright cause you continue to fight imagine never giving up on what feels right .
Imagine living alone and raising a man And teaching your daughter things you don’t even understand …
Imagine knowing yourself and what’s good for you
. loving your truth and all that you do
imagine realizing their will never be another you
imagine not caring who believes if your words are the truth
imagine leaving it in gods hands after all you been through
imagine letting go of any negative thoughts imagine waking up stronger than you thought . Imagine learning to love everything about yourself Imagine not being scared to ask for help
imagine controlling your emotions even when you want to cry imagine learning more about yourself every single night imagine not being ashamed to tell you the world you pray
imagine God finally taking all the pain away ! Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©


Do you know my dreams and all my secrets to do you believe in things
I believe in or are you not telling the truth .
Everything happens for a reason
I believe that’s true .
See the woman I am is the the woman I said I be .
So let’s stop for a minute and take a flick .
This is the last time your going to see a woman like this .
I’m not waiting for handouts I’m putting my gloves on and fighting
for what I deserve so don’t think for a minute
you can have your turn with me or take
From me the only thing you see .
See what you don’t realize
I’m the prize so keep your lame as lines and your disguise to yourself
because even if you were half
of what you said it wouldn’t help ,
your money defines you but not me all
the things you have don’t impress me .
I’m looking a little deeper
not looking for the grim reaper .
Because it’s the easy way out ,
See that’s not what I’m about
I never been a slouch nor did without so don’t need to take your route .
So while you rule the world
while you’re kcruising the block just remember you met a woman
that didn’t bow nor bend just to be in your Benz . Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©

Own your crown …

I’m a woman of a different breed .if you don’t understand me , please feel free to leave … What’s a woman without a mind of her own , a woman who can be cloned a woman who can be owned a woman who settles for less than her best a woman who is just like all the rest . A woman who thinks she’s too cute and her looks can get her through . A woman who gives her body away , any man will do . A woman who hates peace a woman who loves drama a woman who will probably disrespect your mother . A woman who doesn’t understand her ways and all the crazy things she may say . A woman who forgets all she is as long as she’s his . a woman who looks like the rest , talks like the rest and thinks like the rest And sometimes even dresses like the rest , a woman who has no shame and plays his games , a woman that lives in vain . a woman that doesn’t hold her ground or own her crown as long as you promise to always be around . I’m a woman with a mind of her own that can’t be cloned , that can’t be owned , that understands her truth and can’t settle for less than what she gives to you .. Original By Rachel Shundari Ullah ©